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 CPQ ideas!

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CPQ ideas! Empty
PostSubject: CPQ ideas!   CPQ ideas! Icon_minitimeFri May 22, 2009 10:38 pm

well nobody really talked about it so im starting a post

It has to be hard and challenging

1st: jump quest
map: forest of patience #1
monsters: killable stirges (a lot of stirges)
npc: located at the top

2nd: kill quest
map: an el nath map
monsters: crimson balrog, the pirate monster
item needed: i dont know but need 50
npc: located wherever we placed it

3rd: harder kill quest
map: a dragon nest map
monsters: those golems in guild pq's (they must have 999 avoidabilty)
item needed: i dont know either but needs 1 for every member of the party
npc: anywhere too

4th: platform quest
map: masteria (highlands)
monsters: gryphons
npc: find the right npc (different npcs are scattered throughout the map)
note: if you fall, youll go to masteria (mountain cliffs) and if you fall there youll go to masteria (mountain slopes)

5th: 1st boss fight
map: entrance to horntail's cave
monsters: manon
item needed: 1 manons tail or whatever the gm coded
npc: far right side of the map

6th: 2nd boss fight
map: map after the entrance to horntail's cave
monsters: leviathan (yay my favorite boss!)
item needed: 1 leviathan's wing (i think thats what its called) or whatever the gm coded
npc: far right of the map

7th: final boss fight
map: horntails cave
monsters: the horntail set
item needed: whatever item the gm coded
npc: anywhere in the map

Prizes: A timeless weapon, karma up, a rare chair, gm scrolls, or 30b

Note that GMs can change anything in this CPQ idea (but please dont change the boss fights). They can add or subtract stgs in this post.

Others peoples can post their CPQ ideas here...its probably better than mine
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CPQ ideas!
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